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$199 USD
$199 USD
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360° Rotation

Remote Control

Present Modes

Virtual Tours


Remote Control

In your control

Step away from your laptop with confidence. Switch between you and the presentation with 4 Present Modes.


Go live

Broadcast live on multiple platforms at once and bring your store directly to the consumer.


See results with
creative content

Capture your audience with insanely creative content. Level up your company newsletters, social media, website, or lectures with photos and videos made with your smartphone, hands free.

A quick glance at Pod Black

  • Pivo Present. 4 unique Present Modes
  • Pivo Tour. Immersive virtual tours
  • Pivo Pod. Quick and easy special effects
  • Pivo Meet. Video call while you move
  • 4 sec/ 360° rotation
  • 4 rotations speeds
  • Programmed to work with Zillow 3D Homes

Take flawless virtual tours with the Zillow 3D Home app.

No more retakes, slowing down, or moving back.

Pod Black is programmed to complete the rotation needed for panoramas with a single click of the Pivo Remote.

Use Pivo Pod's Auto Tracking while you present.

  • 4 Present modes (Widget, Split, Browser only, Camera only)
  • Use with 3rd-party platforms (Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams)
  • Share and record your presentation in the Google Chrome browser

Quick and easy 3D tours

Pivo Tour significantly lower the cost barrier of creating virtual tours in terms of time, learning curve, manpower, and direct expense.

  • Created for easy sharing
  • Use your smartphone as a 3D camera
  • No hidden costs or expiration dates
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