Pivo Announces the Addition of Tom Lavoe and Hong Chae to Head U.S. Marketing and Sales Team

Pivo Announces the Addition of Tom Lavoe and Hong Chae to Head U.S. Marketing and Sales Team

Los Angeles, CA (April 14, 2022)Pivo, Inc., a developer and global distributor of AI-technology solutions for content creators, has announced that Tom LaVoie and Hong Chae will oversee all U.S. sales and marketing efforts effective immediately. Chae and LaVoie bring decades of combined experience in consumer electronics sales and marketing to Pivo's rapid U.S. growth.

Currently, Pivo products have shipped to over 138 countries. The goal of the new U.S. sales and marketing team is to expand its distribution channels to grow consumer awareness of Pivo's full line of motion tracking Pivo Pods, applications, and accessories.

The Pivo Pod is a smartphone mount that allows influencers, YouTubers, vloggers, photographers, educators, athletes, realtors, equestrians, and casual creatives to capture high- quality video and images with minimal effort. The Pivo Pod converts a smartphone into a personal camera operator that can capture the creator's every move.

"The Pivo Pod offers a solution to content creators who want to create better," states Pivo CEO Ken Kim. "The Pivo Pod provides automated face and body tracking that is affordable and easy to use by anyone with a smartphone. Creators worldwide have been incredibly enthusiastic when they discover how well the Pivo Pod and our full line of products perform." 

One of the difficult challenges facing content creators is the ability to film themselves in motion without holding the smartphone in their hand or a selfie stick or relying on a stationary tripod. 

The Pivo Pod gives the user the power to capture stunning video footage, high-quality images, and trending image applications using an Android or iOS smartphone without relying on anyone else to hold the smartphone. 

Watch this video to learn more about Pivo Lite: Pivo Lite

In addition to multiple versions of the Pivo Pod, Pivo offers a full range of products including seven applications which make a complete "creator toolkit" to empower creators to record themselves and engage in video calls, presentations, and live streaming. Pivo Pods can even create 3D tours of virtual spaces, a popular feature amongst real estate professionals.

With the addition of LaVoie and Chae, Pivo will become the leading provider of motion-tracking smartphone mounts in the United States and the world.

About Pivo

Pivo, Inc. is a developer of AI-technology solutions for content creators. The recipient of 2019 iF Design Award, Pivo specializes in helping creative people capture stunning footage using their smartphones. Pivo distributes its Pivo Pods to more than 138 countries. For sales and distribution inquiries, email business@getpivo.com or visit https://www.pivo.ai/


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