Pivo Releases New Pod to Improve Remote Communication for Professionals

Pivo Releases New Pod to Improve Remote Communication for Professionals

Pivo Inc., is excited to announce the new Pod in their lineup, Pod Black, which is designed specifically for working professionals. It will be sold as a bundle with Pivo’s most popular accessories, Smart Mount and Tripod, under the sub-brand Pivo Business. The product is scheduled for release on September 28, accompanied by the launch of Pivo Business’ exclusive app, Pivo Present. Pivo Business will also include a virtual tour creation tool, Pivo Tour, set to release in October.

The company was created to provide photographers and videographers a tool to get creative with just a few taps on their smartphones. With Pivo’s advanced AI-powered motion tracking, their Pods became a useful tool for over 100 different use cases. Teachers, businesses, and real estate agents also began to use the Pods to improve how they communicate remotely.

Beyond Professional

Pivo developed Pod Black and a suite of applications to cater to their customers of educators and entrepreneurs. Working professionals can make content from anywhere globally and move around freely to express themselves without worrying about a camera frame’s boundaries. Pivo also eliminates the need for expensive equipment to make content when working remotely, giving sales pitches, or getting insanely creative.

The Perfect Pitch

The newest application, Pivo Present, allows users to use Pivo Auto-Tracking features while video conferencing on their favorite platform. The presenter can step away from their laptop and give lectures, sales pitches, and demonstrations with confidence.

Pivo Present comes with four different presentation modes: Widget, Split, Browser Only, and Camera Only. Users can seamlessly switch between modes and control what the audience sees with the Remote Control. Seven new controls also allow the presenter to record presentations and change slides.

Immersive Experiences

Pivo Tour lets Pod Black users make high-quality virtual tours with a smartphone, Pivo Tripod, and a Pod Black. The Pod and Tripod provide ease and stability with 360-degree rotation and remote control. Users can benefit from the reduced time needed to create tours and a seamless workflow to create and share virtual tours.

More For Working Professionals

Pod Black users can also enjoy Pivo Pod App and Pivo Meet to use Auto-Tracking during video calls or produce marketing content without technical skills or editing software. Pivo Business will bring a comprehensive solution to the market and allow the world to get creative, one Pod at a time. 

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