Pivo Pod Wins SPOGA Horse 2022 TOP 5 Innovations Award

Pivo Pod Wins SPOGA Horse 2022 TOP 5 Innovations Award

Cologne, Germany (July 25, 2022)Pivo, Inc., a global leader of AI-technology solutions for content creators, has announced that its Pivo Pod smartphone mount has been chosen as one of the top 5 innovations at the annual spoga horse event, the leading B2B tradefair for the global horse industry held in Cologne, Germany.

The spoga horse website states: In the scope of our competition "spoga horse TOP INNOVATIONS", we are striving to offer a platform for the best innovations of the equestrian industry. Our renowned jury selected the top 30 innovations worldwide. The best five products were distinguished with the title "spoga horse TOP INNOVATION".

“We are honored to be the recipient of this year’s spoga horse TOP 5 INNOVATIONS award,” enthused Pivo CEO, Ken Kim. “We continuously strive to create new and better products to serve content creators, including equestrians around the world. The spoga horse TOP 5 INNOVATION award is a wonderful indicator that we are heading in the right direction year after year.”

The award-winning Pivo Pod is a smartphone (iOS or Android) mount that provides 360 degrees of face, body and horse tracking. This means that anyone with a smartphone can now create dynamic videos that capture their every move while riding a horse. Using intelligent auto-tracking and a suite of powerful apps, Pivo Pod is an important tool for any equestrian who wants to train better using smartphone videos.

Pivo Pod Special Features for Equestrians:

  • 360-degree motion tracking
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Body and face tracking capabilities
  • Advanced AI horse tracking capabilities
  • Intelligent auto-zoom feature
  • Video call feature for equestrians and trainers
  • Portable and compact for equestrians to take anywhere

To view Pivo Pod's features click here.

With its latest innovation award at spoga horse 2022, Pivo is quickly becoming the leading provider of motion-tracking smartphone mounts around the world.

About Pivo

Pivo, Inc. is a developer of AI-technology solutions for content creators. The recipient of the 2019 iF Design Award, Pivo specializes in helping creative people capture stunning footage using their smartphones. Pivo distributes its Pivo Pods to more than 138 countries. For media inquiries email dirkfoster@sparksflypr.com. For sales and distribution inquiries, email business@pivo.ai or visit https://www.pivo.ai/.


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